paper pulp fiction ’19 – blowballs secret

priska riedl_2016_ppf#19-bowballs secret_detWEBpriska riedl_2016_ppf#19_totWEBhandemade paper, natural rubber, linen, print, 140 x 90 cm, 2016

the handemade paper and natural rubber mash-module artwork “paper pulp fiction #19 – blowballs secret” – reflects the excessive global commodity trade of sustainable vegetable natural rubber. Presented as a two-dimensional six modul piece, with the oppurunity to rearranging the interchangeable mash-moduls in to a three-dimensional object or let it grow endlessly.

This piece is part of an ongoing series with the same title; paper pulp fiction.

The paper pulp is used to fabricate the material. the infinitely repeating system of interconnected modules forms the base to apply visual fiction.The english word fiction : invention, making up things , is represented in the graphic way the artwork is created.