Exhibitions and Art Projects

2017 Historical Museum of the City St.Valentin, Alois Riedl Priska Riedl – ‘out of paper pulp fiction’, St.Valentin, Lower Austria

Museums of the National Government, Nationalgallery, Bauhaus – Beziehungen Oberösterreich – ‘bauhaus.stoff’, Linz, Upper Austria

2016 Art Collection of the National Government ‘Die Kunstsammlung packt aus ’– paper pulp fiction #16’, Linz, Upper Austria

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil ‘Nature, Diversity & Paper Arts ’ – paper pulp fiction #19’, Brasília, Brazil

2015 City Museum Schärding ‘Melange – Contemporary Art and Design from Vienna – Linz – Berlin’ – paper pulp fiction #4’, Schärding, Austria

Galerie Freiraum ‘Annerose Alois Priska RIEDL’ – paper pulp fiction #17 a-f’, Schärding, Austria

City Museum Deggendorf ‘Global Paper 3 –International Paper Art Triennial ’ – paper pulp fiction #17 a-b’, Deggendorf, Germany

Galerie MAERZ ‘Der Brand meines Hauses ist Unheil und Flamme zugleich’ – paper pulp fiction #18’, Linz, Austria

2013 ‘100 Years MAERZ- View 3 (MAERZ 2003–2013) supersummativ ’ – paper pulp fiction #16’, Gallery – Artist Collaborative MAERZ, Linz, Austria

Kunsthaus Gallery Riedl & Breicha ‘Half a Century of Sculpture – Soul Comforter’, Schärding, Austria

2012 Opening exhibition of ‘artspace on display ’ Space for Art Production and Presentation, Linz, Austria

Open House ‘bauhaus.fabric’ at artspace on display, Linz, Austria

2011 69 Smith St. Gallery ‘sculptural and artist books exhibition –  paper pulp fiction #8’, Victoria, Australia
2010 Studio Ingrid Gaier ‘bauhaus.fabric’, Vienna, Austria

Galeria X   ‘Inspired by Paper ’– paper pulp fiction #9’, Bratislava, Slovakia

Papier Wespe Wien, ‘One of a Kind‘ ­– paper pulp fiction #8’, traveling exhbit: Galerie blaugelbe Zwettl – Austrian Papermakers Museum – Steyrermühl, Austria

2009 Galerie MAERZ Wasserfarbenbeherrschungsüberprüfungsaktion’ – paper pulp fiction #7’, Linz, Austria

New City Hall, Cultural Capital Linz 09/ Urban Project Alturfahr – ‘paper pulp fiction #6 (detail)’, Linz, Austria

2008 Public Commission ‘Linz Views’ Permanent Installation at the Senior Citizen Center Franz Hillinger, Linz, Austria
2007 City Museum Deggendorf ‘Paper Road – International Paper Art Triennial‘ – paper pulp fiction #6’, Deggendorf, Germany
2006 ACC Galerie ‘Other Places – Positions to Weimar and Linz’ – bauhaus.fabric’, Weimar, Germany

Galerie Austria Paper Museum ‘Paper Road  – International Paper Art Triennial’ – paper pulp fiction #6’, Steyrermühl, Austria

Kunstverein Paradigma ‘Ilona Pachler & Friends’ ­– Tuchfühlung’, Linz, Austria

2005 Deutsch-Villa ‘ein/richten’ – paper pulp fiction #4’, St.Wolfgang, Austria

Margret Bilger Galerie ‘Jump in the gene pool’, Schlierbach, Austria

2004 Atelier340Muzeum ‘l´objet détourné(s)’ – Soul Comforter’, Brussels, Belgium

Museum Nordico ‘made in upper austria’ – paper pulp fiction #4 (detail)’, Linz, Austria

2003 Galerie MAERZ ‘neu im MAERZ’ – paper pulp fiction #4’, Linz, Austria

Austrian Paper Muesum ‘Zellstoff – Kunststoff’ – paper pulp fiction #4’, Gmunden Festival 03, Steyrermühl, Austria

Galerie Lang ‘foot in leg’ – fishing for’, Vienna, Austria

2002 VKB Public Commision ‘paper pulp fiction #3’ – Permanent Installation, Ostermiething, Austria
2001 Museum for Work and Culture ‘the art of working Qi – interactive objects for Qi practice’, Steyr, Austria
2000 Galerie Kunstuniversität Linz ‘drawings of surroundings Stadtwerkstatt Linz 79-99’ – smoking – non smoking’, Linz, Austria

on site installation at the river Neretva ‘unique sign – unique location’ – floating globes’, Mostar, Bosnia – Herzegovina

Netherlands Textile Museum & Museum of Sience and Industry ‘flexible – close to the body’ ­– Soul Comforters’, Traveling exhibition: Tilburg, Netherlands – Manchester, Great Britain – Wroclaw, Poland