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artspace on display

starting 2012 priska riedl runs the artspace on display, a space for artproduction and artpräsentation, a salesroom with a large scaled display window. The even with the ground situated, from the street visible display, is concepted for temporary artistic intervention.

in between paper – transcycling art pieces go on display _ no.3

in between paper – transcycling art pieces go on display _ no.2

in between paper – transcycling art pieces go on display _ no.1


Biography Priska Riedl

Priska Riedl works in her art practice as an independent studio artist. She is a tenured professor at the Art University in Linz, Austria where she teaches textile art and design. She has been expanding her artistic career since the middle 1980’s.In her work she is investigating the areas of two dimensional art and sculpture. The context of her view of the human body its spatial relation context, site specific works as well as art with an environmental content. Continue reading

vistas of linz

Textile: 13’ x 4’ each screen printed on awning canvases. 2007 / 08

Vistas of Linz is a permanent Installation at the ‘ Senior Citizen Center Franz Hillinger ‘ Linz / Urfahr, Austria

Linz Vistas consists of four large scale wall installations in textile. One is installed in each of the four floors of the building in the main living areas.

Screen printed block striped textiles are developed to correspond with the interior color concepts of each living area. The imagery depicts four views of landscape and urban environments of the immediate surroundings of the Senior Citizen Center.These iconographies are incorporated into the striped canvases with their variating color themes.



priska riedl_bauhaus.stoff-jungmeister-u.atelierhaus_kissen_2006_4mo_2MBpriska riedl_bauhaus.stoff_JUmeisterhaus_2006_druckVor DetThree different models of textile bauhaus.houses: digital print on fabric 2006; Woven Object: sisal and cotton , handwoven , wood 1989

Acc Galerie :  Exhibition ‘ Other Places Statements to Weimar – Linz ‘ Weimar, Germany 2006

The installation created by the artist consists of two large scale elements dominating the space comprising of a sizeable woven object and three printed fabric panels. The panels depict images of Bauhaus buildings in Weimar and Dessau. They are delineated by dress pattern lines, so they can be cut out and assembled into three dimensional objects of the buildings.

The artist employes her own medium of textile and in doing so she combines the historical element of textile art as applied at the Bauhaus by the female artists working there using this field of study within the architecture. This is a homage to those female Bauhaus artists.

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soul comforter

3 001

silicone latex formed and metal, size: 1:1 1996

Is a series of latex formed objects from everyday life. By hybridizing these objects, they are brought together into a shared materiality, creating new forms, evoking our thinking into new constructs of the senses.

The basis of this series is the hot water bottle, which in this context is symbolizing the personal retreat into desired  – or undesired aspects of – loneliness, sickness, comfort, sadness or desire.Other objects cast of latex like a telephone, remote control, tea kettle, vodka bottle, book, car tire, swimming fins and chocolate are fused together with the hot water bottle into one single object.

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