soul comforter

3 001

silicone latex formed and metal, size: 1:1 1996

Is a series of latex formed objects from everyday life. By hybridizing these objects, they are brought together into a shared materiality, creating new forms, evoking our thinking into new constructs of the senses.

The basis of this series is the hot water bottle, which in this context is symbolizing the personal retreat into desired  – or undesired aspects of – loneliness, sickness, comfort, sadness or desire.Other objects cast of latex like a telephone, remote control, tea kettle, vodka bottle, book, car tire, swimming fins and chocolate are fused together with the hot water bottle into one single object.

The image of the telephone symbolizes missing communication, the car tire for mobility and getting up and going, the fins standing in for diving in and going under. All these are just some examples of a long series of comparisons. In choosing to hang the objects and suspending them in mid air, the artist intends to support the visual statement of instability and fragility of spiritual welfare as well as being a visual representation of the ups and downs of an individual’s emotions.

Pairs of Soul Comforters:

experienced / well driven : tires / hot water bottle, diving : fin / hot water bottle, well read : book / hot water bottle, sweetening: chocolate / hot water bottle, wait and see : tea kettle / hot water bottle, drinking : vodka bottle / hot water bottle, bridging : telephone / hot water bottle, visualizing: remote / hot water bottle

Image : Exhibition installation ‘ FleXible 3 – close to the body . Gallery of the County of Upper Austria at the Museum of Upper Austria, Linz 1999

Photo by Norbert Artner.  Photo imaging  by Martin Bilinovac