paper pulp fiction #4 – out of the blue

An in situ installation fabricated by using handmade, endlessly interchangeable paper modules. These modules are screen printed with the images of construction cranes and migrating flocks of birds.

This piece is part of an ongoing series with the same title; paper pulp fiction. The paper pulp is used to fabricate the material. The infinitely repeating system of interconnected modules forms the base to apply visual fiction. The english word fiction : invention, making up things, is represented in the graphic way the artwork is created. The fictional context of the imagery employed in this work is the observation of the sky above us. Looking at a mostly urban sky, interlaced by the filigree construct of the crane structures. These are interrupted off and on by migrating birds, symbolizing another dimension of the world above us. The construction crane stands as a symbol of architectural change and a manifestation of the things to come.

The evocative choice of imagery, – suggesting distance and open space – , is a counterpoint to the inward look of an apartment building. Like an empty house with a past life , looking for new inhabitants to be used again. The migrating birds standing for arrival and departure, for taking new possession and departure. The white repetitive construction of paper modules, forming an interlaced structure , affords  dreamlike views through the imagery, much like a lace curtain would. The lace curtain is to us a well known artifact of every day life, functioning as a division between interior and exterior space.

One could consider the elaborate , time consuming work it took to assemble the modules as anachronistic. These elements are a part of the time and spacial experience, reinforced by the existing situation.

Material: Cotton Linters/ handmade Paper, lose canvas weave. Approx . : 13’ x 7’ 2003

Photo by Norbert Artner        Photo imaging by Martin Bilinovac