jumping in the gene pool

An installation Margret Bilger Gallery , Schlierbach , Austria 2005

‘ Jumping in the gene pool ‘ was developed as a site specific installation for this exhibition. The title,  intended as an invitation to the observer is an important conceptual component. The architectural elements of the exhibition space became the basis of the concept.These architectural elements consist of two existing 51 foot long walls made of backlit frosted glass. These walls became the departure point for the subject of scientific, genetical engineering. The artist chose her visual language based on the use of optical glass in biological science.

A microscopic image of the double helix molecular structure served as the main element . This was screen printed in rich , jewel toned colors onto non woven fleece  fabric, forming an ornamental band. This banner affixed onto the frosted glass is looking to simulate the view through a microscope. The observer standing in the room – between the two glass walls – in a sense mutates into a organic specimen.

Two more objects are part of the installation. One, a transparent hollow object made of clear silicon, symbolizing the belly of a pregnant woman. This empty belly is without specific features, interchangeable and ready to receive genetically altered life.

A second object consists of two L shaped mirrors facing each other. In looking into these mirrors we do not meet Narcissus, …. but our own clone. The overall installation in the room , through the use of brilliant strong colors as well as the inherent rhythm of the helix, is guiding us towards a desirable vision of Life.

Screen print on non woven fabric, 102’ x 3’, silicon body cast, mirrors 6’ x 6’

Photos by Norbert Artner.