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fishing for

Is an Object installed at Kunsthalle Steyr during the exhibition ‘ Object Linz ‘ Steyr, Austria 1998.

Riedl created a large object in the shape of a fishing snare, covered with net. Simultaneously this object symbolizes a ladies net stocking. The ambiguity of the object – fishnet / net stocking – tow objects used for ‘ catching ‘ are merged into one visual statement.The fishing snare a seemingly archaic apparatus, the net stocking, a garment that contains the connotation of fetish , are connected by the use of the same material for both, – the net.

The word object can also mean : the one that is thrown toward or thrown in front of, therefor containing the content of the visualization as well as the subject. The phrase: thrown in front of the senses was the was the point of interest for the creation of the artwork.

The sensual reproach emanating from the artwork is led by the visualization that the fetish character of the net stocking contains a somewhat archaic meaning, similar to the archaic apparatus of the snare. ‘ The imagery of this hybrid school of fish / stocking points towards a big catch.’

Net Object: 22’ x 4’ plastic, metal hoops

Photo by Walter Ebenhofer